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A unique product combining luxury investment property and health care in the exclusive location of the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice.

Stylish and modern housing that meets the demands of the 21st century and at the same time forms a unique connection with the Royal Palace***** spa hotel.


In addition to the excellent location, by purchasing an apartment at the Opera Residence you will get lucrative benefits in the field of health and spa services: diagnostics at the INCARE Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Centre, health care, medical consultations and favourable conditions for making the best use of the healing effects of the local thermal mineral water.


Since the Opera Residence is an extension of the Royal Palace***** hotel , we offer you not only the opportunity to rent out your apartment when you do not plan to use it, but for your maximum comfort also the possibility of using the hotel services – meals at our restaurants, food delivery to your apartment, cleaning and complete management services.

The first 6 villas were completed on 31.1.2023

Construction completion of the Bizet and Donizetti Villas: September 2023

New member of the Medical Spa group

Medical Spa continues the tradition of spas, which dates back to 1281. Your home full of health and relaxation in the heart of the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice.

Medical Spa is a new designation of services and health care that are provided to clients at the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice, combining accommodation facilities in medical houses and at the Opera Residence, medical services and a relaxation spa zone into one unit. Are you dreaming of your own apartment with access to the best rehabilitation and relaxation spa services just a few steps from your home? The Opera Residence in the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice will make your dream true.

The Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice has a long history of providing excellent spa care. Its guests included the emperors Sigismund of Luxembourg and Maximilian of Habsburg, who appreciated the healing power of the local mineral water. Today, the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice is a popular and sought-after spa resort with modern medical care, highly rated services and beautiful nature, located in the middle of Slovakia.

The thermal healing mineral water of the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice has broad-spectrum healing effects on a number of diseases, including musculoskeletal, digestive, urological, gynaecological, neurological, and oncological diseases. Moreover, thanks to the high content of minerals, the thermal water is ideal for the overall regeneration of the body, strengthening immunity and has relaxing effects. Try the beneficial healing effects of the special healing procedures in the medical part of the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice.

The very centre of the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice consists of a historic luxury 5* Royal Palace spa hotel with the iconic building of the famous Royal Bath. It houses a spring of healing thermal mineral water and historic balneo premises, where you can undergo medical procedures. Directly at the hotel you can taste excellent cuisine at the Sissi Restaurant. At the modern Veľká Fatra Spa House, there are several social areas, restaurants, a medical centre and areas for medical procedures.

The relaxing effects of the natural healing mineral water are also used in the pools of the SPA & AQUAPARK, which is part of a modern destination of health tourism and a member of the Medical Spa group of the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice. The Medical Spa designation emphasises the medical dimension of the offered spa services, i.e. professional health care based on the latest knowledge, using the most modern diagnostic devices and medical-preventive procedures. It underscores the interconnection of individual spa services that have the same spirit, building the brand of a modern European-quality health tourism destination.

Benefits for the owners of Opera Residence apartments

1. Available service during working hours with medical care including first aid. A medical service is available directly on the premises of the Veľká Fatra Spa House, so even in the event of unexpected health complications, professional care is available to you.

The service includes:
Urgent medical care during working hours (acute conditions)

by the bed (Opera Residence) or in the central ambulance of Gold Spa – Veľká Fatra

Targeted examination by a doctor and a nurse according to the current acute difficulties of the resident

Provision of urgent first aid, including basic medication treatment, or providing additional health care by medical staff (doctor, nurse)

Calling of an ambulance or recommendation of further treatment at catchment medical facilities (specialist outpatient clinics, Martin University Hospital) according to the resident’s current state of health

Available are: measuring of blood pressure and pulse, ECG, rapid urine biochemistry, rapid blood glucose determination, defibrillator, resuscitation set, medication for urgent treatment, emergency medication and anti-shock therapy medication, blood and urine collection for laboratory examination at a contract laboratory, including evaluation by a Gold Spa doctor

basic and immediate provision of medicines, including injection treatment in acute conditions, prescription of medicines (in the form of a prescription) to be selected at the pharmacy as needed, only with full payment by the resident

2. Health care at the INCARE Institute of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. Preventive health care at the INCARE s.r.o. facility (Cardio Plus preventive examination at the Royal Palace cardiology outpatient clinic) for a period of 3 years, once a year free of charge for two residents.

Health care at INCARE:

Comprehensive cardiological examination with a summary and comprehensive evaluation of the examination results listed below with a recommendation for further action

ECG exam

Stress ECG exam

Echocardiographic exam


Holter ECG monitoring 24h

Holter monitoring of blood pressure 24h

Comprehensive biochemical and haematological examination of blood

The examination package can be used within 10 days

Counter price of Cardio Plus package as of 1 July 2021: €940.00

3. Medical consultations for planning optimal individual treatment procedures. Since you are at a spa, there are programmes available that will be tailored to your needs – whether you want to rehabilitate, relax, strengthen your immunity or just use beauty treatments.

Health care planned for the provision of physical treatment, medical rehabilitation and hydrotherapy – for a fee with a 10% discount on all provided medical procedures for a period of 3 years for 2 residents:

Targeted physical examination by a physician – specialist in the field of Physiatry, Balneology and Medical Rehabilitation (PBLR)

Recommendation/prescription of suitable treatment by a doctor (PBLR) provided at the Gold Spa and prescribing medication that can be purchased from a pharmacy (paid in full by the resident)

4. Discounted admission to the SPA & AQUAPARK Turčianske Teplice

10% discount on 50 entries for 3 years

The Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice is known for its high quality medical and health care, which has helped many patients and provides long-lasting and beneficial results for overall health.

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In addition to appreciating your financial resources, we offer you the opportunity to earn a return. As the Opera Residence apartments are in the immediate vicinity of the Royal Palace***** hotel , we will be happy to take care of your apartment rental when you do not plan to use it.

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